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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

It works!

So it looks like the new app is working.

It's been a busy summer, I've tried to do more seed collecting to offer some stuff in this year's catalog.

Keep a close eye on this blog for the next few weeks for updates in the sale.

This Triteleia hyacinthina is on of the seeds being offered. This one is from some open Garry oak savannha, at about 300' in elevation. It's among Camas and tufted hair grass primarily.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Where have you been?

So I had a failure of my blogging app amd while I really liked the program I was using, it has gone kaput with no apparent tech support. So this is a test of the new one.

Bare with me as I figure this out. If it works I'll start posting some information about this year's bulb sale. I'm hoping to begin harvest next week and have the catalog out the second week of August.

Hot with 100 degree weather coming.



Can't get my blogger.to work so trying this test.