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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The Fall bloomers have started

Acis valentina-blooming September 6th. Spain, said to be barely in cultivation. I really like this plant, it's tall stems, and delicate white petals seem rather out of place emerging from a dry pot in the late summer. It so much more looks like spring.

Colchicum byzantinum 'album'-The original species dates back to 1601 when Charles de LeCluse, whose name was latinized to Clusius named it. Said to be of possible hybrid origins between C. autumnale and C. cilicicum.
Colchicum hierosolymitanum Isreali species, quite heavily studied for it's Colchicine content which is used in the pharmecutical industry to treat rhuematism and gout. It's also used by plant breeders to induce polypoidy in plants, whereby the plants treated with colchicine will contain double the number of chromosomes in the embryo, leading to larger, sturdier or more vigorous plants.

Prospero intermedia-Dainty, but a real "looker" up close. Seems to be getting tossed around, formerly Scilla.

Colchicum alpinum-Alpine Saffron, European species. All of these pictures were taken the first week of September 2011. Temperatures in the lower 90's for most of the week. The summer that wouldn't arrive decided to show up when the kiddo has to go back to school.

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