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Wednesday, February 13, 2013


Iris unguiculata?

Remember the movie lost in translation...Bill Murray has definitely played some great roles over the years. So translating plant labels, even ones I wrote myself a year ago can sometimes be a challenge. Somehow this ended up with the label reading Iris unguiculata Sevan. I just can't seem to find anything about this in the literature, any in the blogosphere know what we are looking at right now?

Crocus tomassianus 'Roseus'

There a quite a few more Crocus blooming right now and I'll update shortly.

Supposed to be 60 Degrees on Friday, Man I love spring, evn when it's just a teaser.


  1. I think your "exinguinata" was indeed "lost in Translation" or more likely just smudged on the label: I suspect you have Iris "reticulata" from Lake Sevan--and a darned nice form of it to boot! Amazing how many smudged labels have given rise to new non-existent species!(I've committed more than a few myself!)

  2. Thank you acantholimon! I knew someone out there would know what that might be. Now to figure out where lake Sevan is!