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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

First frost!

Crocus banaticus

Sorry about the double post on the shipping season ending. The blogging app on my phone stopped working but I got it up and running again. Hence the double post as an test of the phone.

The growing season has officially ended for the tender inhabitants of the garden. A freeze warning was issued yesterday and it came true last night. It was 28 degrees F in the greenhouse when in left for work at 6:00 this morning. I like to post such things because this blog is also my personal gardening journal and it helps track the weather from year to year.

Well, another growing season is in the books, but that's the exciting thing about growing bulbs, some are just starting into growth and some are starting to bloom as we speak.



2013 shipping season is closed.

Sternbergia lutea

Hey all, thanks for your orders. I have a small pile of boxes left to ship. But as of the posting of this I am now officially closed for 2013.

Thanks to all the folks for your orders. If you haven't paid yet, please do so.

All the best,

Friday, October 11, 2013

Elvis has left the building

Sternbergia lutea
Shipping has ended for the 2013 season. Thank you to all who placed orders, I hope the bulbs bring you many years of enjoyement.
Based on preliminary feedback it looks like international shipping was a success! Just a few bugs to work out, mostly related to the massive amount of paperwork that APHIS requires on my end. All in all I am pleased with how it went and hope that I am able to get more bulbs to the folks oversees in the years to come.
I have a few payments yet to recieve so if you haven't paid for you bulbs yet please do so.

I will get back to blogging with some fall flowers as they come on, and it won't be long before winter has entrenched it's icy grip and we start seeing the super early....or are they super late? Flowers starting up. I think November is about the only month that there isn't something starting into bloom in the bulb house.
Have a great Fall!