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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Chilean Blue Crocus

Tecophilea cyanocrocus just popping up in the greenhouse.

I was giving a lecture on urban Stormwater management to an environmental studies class at the university this morning. I had a slide challenging them to look toward the future and the possibilities of pollutant removal through transgenic hyper accumulation gene expression in new plant cultivars.....I mostly got some blank stares and realized I really should have been a research scientist..... man, what I wouldn't give to have unlimited funds backing my greenhouse and laboratory!

Anyway, the blue crocus is here because I'm giving a talk to our local native plant society chapter next month and I've got a bit in there about responsible grazing and pasture management to preserve native flora....the blue crocus is the lorax of bulbs as regards uncontrolled grazing.

Crocus scepusciensis
I think this has a new name?

39 degrees, rainy with a pretty good wind field setting up today.


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