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Thursday, March 20, 2014

Cheers to the first day of spring!

Fritillaria crassifolia ssp. Kurdica

One of my all time favorites for its waxy bluish bloom. You can definitely see the differences between this and the JJA selections posted earlier.

I'm dedicating this post to my dad who is in Armenia on a work trip right now. Wishing him a safe return and wishing he would hook me up with some seed collectors in that part of the world.

So the wait is finally over. I collected seed of this along southern Oregon Rogue River (incidentaly the wild and scenic section from graves creek to foster bar is one if not the most beautiful pieces of country in the world. I have rowed it in a raft and hiked the 32 miles) anyway, that was in 2004 and this year it finally bloomed. I know that time period could have been shorter given what I now know about cultivation of bulbs. But regardless its cool to see something 10 years old finally mature.

I'm pretty sure this is Fritillaria montana, although I didn't go digging for the label in my haste. It seems darker than usual and makes a good show with the surrounding Narcissus.

It was 27 degrees in the bulb house this morning and I had to scrape ice off the car. Warmed up a bit and I'm thankful for the partly cloudy skies this afternoon to hopefully hold some warmth in....I'm ready for spring proper!



  1. Well Mark, I for one would certainly consider the Fritillaria affinis well worth the wait ! :) A really lovely form.

    1. Thanks Ron...I was kind of hoping it was one of the rarer southern Oregon species but you are right, it is a nice form. Now I have affinis selections from Mt. Hood, Vancouver island, the rogue river and the triploid from California at nicasio reservoir.