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Thursday, March 6, 2014

March 6th 2014

Fritillaria JJA 17255

Jane and I discussed that these are probably a form of Fritillaria crassifolia.

The collection location is Iran, I believe .maybe the elburz mountains...anyone have some old Archibald catalogs?

Set a new record for rainfall in Salem for yesterdays date and it now stands at 1.46".

Supposed to be warming and drying out!




  1. The Archibald catalogue for August 2001 describes JJA 17255 as one of " Two puzzling Iranian collections" !
    This is what it says -
    " JJA 17255 : Fritillaria sp. Iran, Kordestan, SW of Daraki ( S of Marivan ) 2500m. SW facing limestone slope. " It goes on to say " ... this is a big robust plant about 25cm high, with up to four flowers. The first thought was that it had to be something to do with F. straussii, but the leaves are alternate : neither paired nor whorled. This area, high in the mountains right on the Iraqi border ......"
    I'll send you the catalogue.

    Hope the rain is doing some good :)

    1. In a later catalogue they tagged on to the description above the words " It may be best to consider it a new taxon in the crassifolia complex "

  2. Ron! You are the best, Thanks for the catalog description!, actually have a few collections from the Archibalds i'll post up then and we can get the pictures and the collection locations in the same place. I guess I need to get out the magnifying glass and measuring tape and get this possible new taxon in the crassifolia complex a description!