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Sunday, March 22, 2015

On a Sunday morning.

Fritillaria kotschyanus

This one seems to do so well in the quart pots, almost as if it appreciates a restricted root mass to flower better.

The Erythroniums and Colchicums at the driveway entrance are filling in nicely.

Rainy and blustery today.

Sorting through some stickered incense cedar that has been drying for several years now. Ran across this mother bear and for reference that is a 4x4 its on.



  1. Showing us some lovely Fritillaria again Mark. F.agrestis is, I think, a great plant, and I'm liking your F. affinis find a lot. Very nice F. kotschyana too. Is that the 'Gothenburg' form ?

  2. Ron, thank you for correcting the name, its a pain to try to edit my mistakes on the phone, the F. kotschyana is from Arichibald seed, I'll try to look up the number when I get a chance, hope all is well. Mark