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Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Early May

Fritillaria purdyi

I love this one, although I say that about a lot of flowers. The season has seemed early, we did have a mild winter and an early spring. So much has come akd gone, many of the bulbs are dying back. Although this and the next Californian tend to be later then most in Amy given year.

Fritillaria biflora

Apologies for the picture quality. It was windy, but I've been so damn busy I wanted to get something out about these.

Another shot of Carl Purdy's namesake.

Penstemon barretiae

The Beardtongues are coming on strong. Gotta get the actual camera out sometime and put away this darn phone for blogging.

Rain off and on buy warming to 68 in between cloudbursts.


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