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Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Who wrote Holden Caulfield?

You are probably wondering where this guy went....well, I'm feeling a little like J.D. Salinger and thinking to myself, I guess I'm that guy that sometimes just disappears into the woods and doesn't want to commit 100% to the hermit kimgdom, but honestly sometimes sees the reality, day to day, however ho hum, hum drum, churning out a living 8 hours a day, behind a paper work cloud a bum rap that needs escaping reality.

This wonderful yucca is something to come home to though....floating in a mist of sweet peas, it's actually one of the finest perennial  plants I ever grew from seed. A hippie from Bozeman, Montana brought me the seed from his spring break trip to some Utah desert slope in 1999. I was living in Montana at the time and I kept the seed in an envelope for two years until i finally germinated it in Oregon.

It's with me 15 years later a stalwart in my life, it's prickly and it could cut you, but once a year it sends out white velvet spires of cascading bells.

I have no idea what the species is...if you live in Utah or you know this plant will you tell me what it is?

97 degrees in June, Al Gore was right.


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