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Monday, October 17, 2016

Autumn Chase

"It is your human environment that makes climate."
Mark Twain

No Frost on the pumpkins just yet. But the weather has certainly changed with the seasons.
Penstemon newberryi var. sonomensis
A bunch of the rock garden plants decided to rebloom right before the Autumn  equinox. I haven't noticed it with much of these species in years past as they were grown in the stooling beds waiting the construction of the rock garden. So I must attribute it to being outplanted finally and maybe finding good conditions after toughing it through the first summer.

Sternbergia sicula
From limestone hills in the Meditteranean region, this is said to like more sharply drained conditions then some of it's kin. The fall bloomers in the greenhouse weathered this weekends onslaught of  torrential rain and wind well, reminding me that I need to do some shuffling around and tuck some stuff away for the winter. 

Merendera....Or is it Colchicum?'

I did promise to do more blogging on the fall blooming collection this year, If the weather clears up I'm going to get the camera out and get to work. so far it's been harvesting the food crops like crazy, figuring out what to do with hundreds of pounds of apples is always fun.

Thunder storms in the forecast, rain off and on and maybe frost next week is the forecast, so far the growing season marches on.


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