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Wednesday, December 14, 2016

In Like A Lion

Check out the greenhouse tonight.

Welcome to winter. If you've been following this blog, I've been waxing on about how the growing season wouldn't end and we had been frost free for so long. Well that's all done now. I was off in Mexico celebrating my 40th birthday, playing old man and the sea and it hit 26 degrees in the greenhouse. Followed shortly by a pretty decent snow storm, and if you are familiar with our "mild" Mediterranean climate here in the Willamette Valley, decent snow fall is pretty rare in these parts in December.

Me and my wahoo!

Catching the fastest fish in the ocean was a helluva a way to cap off my 40th year on this planet. I think of how much of I've learned and experienced in the first 40, if I can make it another 40 the fish and flowers that are gonna pass through these hands will be many fold.

The growing season has officially ended. 24 degrees with 8" of snow on the ground and I'll be heading out to knock it off the greenhouse soon.

Welcome to winter from a boat somewhere in the Sea of Cortez.


Sunday, December 4, 2016

Happy Holidays!

Colchicum cupani

The little Meadow Saffron doing its thing in December. Usually this time of year I start seeing some of the hoop petticoat Narcissus starting to bloom. But this year is a bit different still no killing frost or any frost for that matter. But it's forecasted for this Tuesday to be down into the 20's. Long growing season for sure to go almost 10 months frost free.