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Saturday, April 1, 2017

Fritillaria pontica

Fritillaria pontica

My Dad is in Albania as I write this and I have to admit the older I get the more I wish he would slow down a bit and maybe settle into some sort of a normal old timer routine, but I'm sure he won't. Regardless, this species inhabits semi-shaded woodland habitats from the Balkans, through Albania. I really probably wish I could just find a job that would allow me to jump on a plane every time my dad says its spring and he is headed to somewhere in the world that has a great bulb flora.

My form is not quite the apple green one I've seen a few times on the web, but it is one of the lighter forms I have seen. It's a strong grower, easy in the open garden and in the bulb frame it always puts on a good show.

Spent some time over on the other side of the mountains for a bit this spring break, and found sunshine the whole time! Of course on the way back it started raining and the west side seemed it's usual soggy self.

58, rain and the occasional sun breaks.


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