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Thursday, February 23, 2017

Crocus x leonidii 'Early Gold'

It's open now as some sunny days have taken hold.

I briefly mentioned the background on this plant. Leonid Bondarenko for whom this is named, in his wonderful Lithuanian Rare Bulb Garden Catalogue writes, "sterile plants, hardy in outdoors in our weather condition and firm against virus infection". He goes onto mention that the rate of vegetative reproduction is high.

While it looks like spring is duking it out with winter at the nursery, the buds are swelling on the Apricots.

It's still very much winter in the highlands. The kiddo and I got a much deserved cross country ski trip into the lava beds Backcountry up on the Santiam pass this weekend. The dog enjoyed the ski trip as well.

Chilly with snowflakes in the forecast but sun breaks warning things up quickly when it shows up.


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