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Sunday, March 5, 2017

5 minute weather patterns

The property here at Illahe was an old cherry orchard, and this corner has a pretty long and storied past. A pretty extensive research at the historical society about the house and property seems to turn up that the house was actually a prune drying shed that was added onto sometime around World War I. Years before that this area was actually a stop on the high road out of Salem, to change horses before you dove off the hills toward the Albany lowlands, and Sidney, and Talbot. It didn't have much for landscaping before I bought it but an old rose bush, and a few clumps of snowdrops and this one little clump of crocus growing in the lawn. I moved them out to a landscape bed. Its fun to see them come back every year and wonder what the story was, how someone ended up planting a little clump of Crocus' out in the lawn, was it 10 years before my time or a 100?
Crocus kosaninnii
From Lowland Oak and Hawthorne habitat in Serbia.

The habitat description I've seen for this species reminds me a lot of Western Oregon, just different species of Oaks and Hawthornes. We are well into the season of 5 minute weather patterns now, Oregon gets rain, snow, hail, sun, clouds and clearing all in 5 minute increments all day long some times in the spring. 

The Bulbs in the greenhouse don't seem to mix of sun and clouds, you can almost watch some of the Crocus open and close with the shifting weather.

Double post today because it's a stormy sunday and I took a bunch of pictures.


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