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Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Glacier lilies

Erythronium tuolumnense-note, I originally had these labeled grandiflorum, but after a visit to Diana Reek's place, and a little taxonomy these are now properly named.

The blooming onslaught continues. These have all but disappeared from everywhere I planted them that they could be seen. The pots in The greenhouse decided to go barren. The ones I put in a nice display frame properly labeled and such failed to thrive. But this patch here, planted out in nothing but a pile of spent bulb soil at the edge of a 140 year old (most likely way older if I could ever find a map of indigenous peoples trails through the area) road over 2' of severely compacted gravel. Is thriving....You just have to tease apart the Narcissus to find it.

Warmth has returned to the valley. Highs in the 60's were seen and although Sunday night a solid freeze was felt in the greenhouse, I only noticed the slightest damage on some Sonoran desert seedlings that just might not have it in the DNA.


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