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Friday, April 7, 2017

The closest native to home.

Erythronium oregonum

That's the flower I grew up with growing on the site of my childhood home. I stopped by to see Mom this evening and caught the patch of fawn lilies in full bloom.

There is the house I grew up in the background. It's interesting because this patch has kinda moved around the property. When I was probably 10 we had a tree fort on the upper part of the propecrty and the patch surrounded it. Over time it died off and moved lower down. Some years it's not as prolific and some years it's bigger and more floristic. Phenology is an interesting thing. And it's been fun to observe a flower population in it's native habit for 30 years now.

The weather has been schizophrenic. Yesterday was beautiful, today a wind warning is in affect and I can hear the wind gusting. We are supposed to get gusts to 50mph today, in between the sheets of sideways rain. No bueno because the nectarines just started blooming.


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