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Friday, November 9, 2018

The Iceman Cometh

"Although even here they keep up the appearances of life with a few harmless pipe dreams about their yesterdays and tomorrows"...Eugene O'Niell

It's interesting how the phrase "Pipe dream" has made it into todays lexicon. If you asked 10 people where it came from I bet you would get a few different answers. To be honest I always thought it meant a dream of something far off, like you are looking at it down the length of a pipe. But of something maybe attainable as it's their, but it's at the end of the pipe, and whatever journey it takes to get to the end goal. 

Unfortunately, reading a little late 19th century literature to look for a good reference on the arrival of the first frost of the season, I actually discovered the etymology just refers to an opium induced dream state. I like the optimistic version of it better that I made up in my head. 

I don't think this video of the bees flying on the Colchicum late on  November afternoon day is actually playable. 

This is a pig on the waterfront in Olympia Washington, he just looks so daper enjoying the view of the harbor 

This is Olympia Washington and the Capitol Building from Pervical Landing.

So I was at a communications camp for work in Olympia Washington and it was a really great time to learn about being an effective outreach tool, public speaking and effective communications in Environmental Education. Good time and I attached a few pictures. 

Got back just in time to experience the first real frost of the season. It was legitimately frozen solid as I walked out the door this morning, which was kind of refreshing. Of course now I have to be a little worried about the tender South African and South American bulbs I've been playing around with. But I'll keep ya posted on that. 

Low 29 degrees, Sunny and clear and the same in the forecast for the weekend. 


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