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Tuesday, September 8, 2020

The 2020 Bulb sales season has ended

“We were not sent into this world to do anything into which we cannot put our hearts.”
― John Ruskin

The 2020 flower bulb sales season is officially closed for the year, I want to say a huge thank you the the loyal customers who have made this endeavor possible. And a big thank you to all the new customers we had this year! It was one of our best years ever, and I think that is a good sign that lot's of us are staying home and gardening and thinking about beautifying the immediate space around us. I hope the bulbs you ordered bring you many years of joy and color in your landscape. 

I was walking around this labor day evening as the last order was filled and admiring all the Colchicums starting to bring the pale pink and lavender show to the early fall landscape. Hopefully I can keep up with blogging about the flowers, as there is another species or selection in bloom now every day. 

Thank you so much for all the business, this year we will be looking forward to rebuilding some of the infrastructure that needs updating at Illahe, several of the raised beds have lost structural integrity and need to be rebuilt. The plan is still in the works for a climate controlled greenhouse at some point. For the next few months we will enjoy watching the fall bloomers and get ready for the seed sowing season to begin, when we tuck away the plants for the wet winter months. 

I hate to even give the weather report here because it's so bizzare, a wind storm of notable size blew through the valley last night, ushering in a thick layer of smoke so that it's 8:3o in the morning and one can barely see enough to walk outside. The warm, wind has an ethereal feel to it and the sky is ominous and forlorn. Hopefully this blows over soon. 


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