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Thursday, August 29, 2013

I think we cleared customs!

The fall bloomers are starting.

I had a nice talk with the department of agriculture today and I will be proceeding with international shipping this year. All the details will be worked out when the catalog posts early next week.

A basic run down for international customers of how it will work. I have to process your order and have it ready for shipment, its then inspected and certified on my end. All the phytosanitary paperwork will be included with the shipment which should allow you to receive your order. However I don't have any control once it leaves here so I will be asking for prepayment on international orders. Obviously this isn't a perfect system and should you run into problems on your end I will help to resolve the situation the best I can but please understand that all countries have different requirements and I will have done everything I can on my end to make sure you are in compliance with your countries phyto requirements. International customers will have to cover the cost of phytosanitary certification which is $25 alone, however this is per shipment so if you have a friend in your country who wants stuff you can bundle an order and save money.

Domestic orders will be filled and shipped in the order they are received. International orders will be filled in the order they are received but have to be inspected so there will obviously be a delay.

Start asking questions now if you have them and it will help me get all the details sorted out on the catalog. This is new territory for me so remember that I'm not a global capitalist just a small time nursery grower of specialty bulbs trying very hard to get them to people who appreciate such things.




  1. As an international customer by what method would you require me to pay? Will a system such as PayPal be considered?

  2. Will you have a minimum order amount?

  3. Hi Ron,

    There will be no minimum order, I'm not sure what it costs to ship to Europe these days but that cost and they phyto will have to be factored in. I'm looking into opening a Paypal merchant account to complete the transactions.



  4. Sounds good Mark. I wish you all the best success with this new venture.