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Friday, April 4, 2014

Early April

Fritillaria agrestis

Someone wrote on the pbs email list wondering how long F. agrestis blooms last. I just noticed this one open today, although it appears to have been open for a bit...regardless, I'll count the days till it closes so the info is out there.

Fritillaria recurva

Doing its thang! Haven't seen any hummingbirds in the greenhouse but I've been using this pollen on a lot of other species.

Tulipa ostrwaskiana

Don't think I have the spelling right on that. Last year a nice fellow from the northern lands came by to take pictures of some of the tulips for an article he was writing for pacific horticulture. I never did hear if it was published.

Supposed to turn a weather corner with highs in the 70's next week! Working over time pulling trees off bridge footings for the city tomorrow so the weekend is shot but the pocketbook will be happier.



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