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Monday, March 27, 2017

The first affinis

Fritillaria affinis-Vancouver Island 
Fritillaria affinis-Vancouver Island
This is from  Jane's plant labeled Vancouver Island. It's the first of affinis clones I have to bloom. Although the Rogue River seed collection of mine isn't that far behind right

I love books on the early botanical exploration of the Pacific Coast, right now I'm reading "The Outer Coast" Interesting stuff mostly related to the first Spanish ships to touch land around here, but it's got some stuff about George Vancouver, and Cook. I own a pretty sea worthy little Kiwanda Dory and I love taking it offshore any chance I can get. But what those early explorers did on the Coasts of British Columbia, Alaska and on down was downright incredible with the sailing technology of the day. I often think if I had been born 250 years before I was, I would have been a sailor for sure. 

Anyway, this is such a fantastic little selection, and what it lacks in size it more then makes up for with those fantastically rippled tepal edges with a touch of golden chartreuse to them. I love Vancouver Island, and was just thinking how fun it would be to go spend a few days cruising the Gaslight district and the Gardens. 

The rain subsided today, with mostly lingering heavy overcast, it none the less held some warmth to it although the sun never once did break the sky. 



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