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Friday, April 10, 2015

Casualties of war

Erythronium sketch
By Mark Akimoff

Probably the biggest thing I miss from simpler days was being able to sit down and sketch out flowers. It gives one such a great opportunity to really study a flower completely.

Lilium bolanderi

I was dabbling with some color a few.years ago, but it just seems there isn't a spare moment left for it these days.

What inspired me to think of this, well, I had to illustrate a revision to a local landscape architects rather bland planting design for a really great garden historical garden here in town.

So I had to go buy a bunch of colored pencils and it really reminded me how much I love sitting at a drawing board.

Someday I'll find the time again.

Been lots of thunder and lightning lately in between rain showers and sun breaks. 55 degrees with a plunging barometer tonight.


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