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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Social Media

Iris 'Peresh'

I failed to mention a few lovely ladies in yesterdays ramblings, Karen, Betty, Janice, Gail.....the more I think back the deeper the list gets. Thank you all for setting me on " the path". I'm sure I will add more here as time goes on.

Iris 'Theseus'

Why social media for the title? I was thinking about the loads of information available to us now and how its made the plantsmans life so much easier. I'm not that old, but when I started, you still had to find esoteric books on alpines and rock gardening, remember card catalogs? The best way to do it was find a knowledgeable old timer and glean them for tips and tricks. Nowadays, you Google around and you find anything so easy, I verify names in my greenhouse, get pictures and cultural information beamed into a phone smaller then a cassette tape, remember those?

Anyway, this could ramble on forever, as I sit in my greenhouse typing this onto the flat screen of this cassette tape size computer that calls itself a telephone.

The point I'm getting at is that I think I was lucky to come up before the days of social media and the internet, where you had to learn the art of asking questions. I did glean so much knowledge as a neophyte from the older generations willing to share it, nowadays sharing is something that mostly happens on a Facebook page.

Thanks again to all those willing to share, knowledge, plants, and locations. I'll be sure to pass it on to the next, if they don't come asking, then they will hopefully find some traces of it here.

Primula involucrata ssp. yargonensis

Speaking of sharing, that little primrose is from a share of the 2014 North American Rock Garden Society's seed exchange. You wouldn't believe the heavenly perfume that puts out, and I have a dozen of them thanks the seed ex. Another example of passing the torch. Share hour seeds, I know I can do better at that.

Thunderstorms and hail, heavy rain and sun..high of 60, low of 39..yes, its April in Oregon now.


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