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Sunday, March 11, 2018

Stink Bells and Other things

Fritillaria agrestis

Spring showed up just in time for Daylight savings to Spring Foward an hour. The sun was out and it was warm and pleasant most of the weekend. Made quick trip out to the coast for my Moms 69th birthday, paella in Yachats with the family was a real treat. The stink Bells are flowering very strong thiis year, maybe the milder winter weather we had for the most part that reminds them of the native California climate. The bees were buzzing in and out of the greenhouse, Carson (my Nepew) and Anya both had school off on Friday so paid them to mulch the orchard with a load of arborists chips. Got the burn pile done as well and the grass mowed, it was a pretty productive weekend for being gone for most of it!

Anya and Carson putting in a good days work at Illahe Nursery and Gardens

Supposed to be pushing 70 tomorrow!! WooHoo, It's feeling like Spring for real!


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